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Hi, my name is Keith,

Keith Duncan - Web Designer for Keimos Designs

I have been interested in all things web and internet since 1999, in those days what worked was very simple sites that could load fast over a slow modem, so design was limited. I have enjoyed the challenge as time has gone by and I have picked up some very clear ideas about what does and doesn’t work for a website visitor. The great thing about designing websites is creating the look and feel of the site as it stimulates the creative side on one hand and on the other hand it also provides a technical challenge to provide the functionality so that the brief for the website is met.

My interest in computers was first sparked off when I was involved in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and I then built my own computer with one of the first Intel Pentium 4 chips and it was at this point whilst using my new toy that my interest in web design began. The name Keimos (not related to a town or a character in a book) is simply made up of Keith and Maureen (Mo for short) and stands for Keith and Maureen, we had to add the s as Keimo was already taken so our email address became @Keimos and here we are today many years later.

I use recognised software packages such as DreamWeaver, FireWorks, MS Expression Web and other web design packages, I have a good understanding of HTML and CSS – the basic building blocks of web pages. I have tinkered with technologies like Flash and coding languages such as PHP – useful for sites needing more functionality; and have learnt how to use the popular content management system called Joomla.

This Wiki is a new project and I hope to expand tghis part of the site with a lot of information with regards to web design and more......